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Build your network 24/7 with access to a sophisticated communication portal and 86,000 experienced brokers and agents.


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I come from a family with a history in US Real Estate dating back to the early 1900s. My parents owned a successful Construction Firm and later a Direct Lender & Real Estate brokerage dealing with Commercial and Residential, so I literally grew up in 24/7 business calls for deals and playtime in the call center.

I had planned early in my childhood to pursue a career in music education and as a professional French Horn player but had to put that on hold and start my own successful business career involving various industries in real estate, entertainment, construction, mortgage, banking, finance, hedge funds, and international sales.

I have progressed from being a 9-5 worker to a CEO and Investor that currently enjoys the freedom of running my business remotely while traveling the world and building a wealthy retirement and I want to talk to more individuals looking to Level Up their life!


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